Shopify Shopping Cart Review

Shopping cart software has loads of options, and Shopify’s shopping cart software is not an exception. Since 2006, entrepreneurs used Shopify to bring their products and services to you online. Throughout this Shopify shopping cart review, you will better understand why 175,000 stores continue to stand by the ecommerce software’s features and support offered.

You may ask what business typically uses Shopify, is it too expensive, and do the pros outweigh the cons enough for you to select Shopify’s shopping cart software? Other questions, you may ponder about are the payment gateways, how easy is it to use, and what type if any web designs keep your store looking great? Security and support are other items that make or break ecommerce software; therefore, you want to know how does Shopify stack up in those areas? This is one of many Shopify shopping cart reviews that helps you see if Shopify meet all your online business needs or if you need to continue your search for different ecommerce software.

Before you actually make up your mind, you may want to see how Shopify makes it easy to open an online store by providing all the tools and help you need. Click here to try it for free! You learn about Shopify’s ecommerce software firsthand and find out if Shopify passes your test, and lives up to what you have read. By purchasing an item using the links in this shopping cart review, I do earn compensation. I do appreciate it, because the compensation helps me continue to provide you information that helps you with the decision-making process.

Ideal user of Shopify Shopping Cart Software

• Small to medium sized businesses
• Large corporations such as Google and Tesla
• Retailers who need to accept credit card payment in their physical location, in their online store, and from mobile phone users.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Pricing

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Pricing Starter and Shopify Plus pricing plans are not featured on Shopify’s pricing plan page; therefore, it is not pictured. You can find the Starter Plan and Shopify with a quick search of Shopify’s website. Starter pricing plan should be featured with other pricing plans offered by Shopify to ensure potential customers are aware of all of the plans offered to start an online store.
• Starter plan $14.00 per month
• Basic plan $29.00 per month
• Professional plan $79.00 per month
• Unlimited plan $179.00 per month
• Shopify Plus pricing may vary with each company

Starter Plan

The Starter plan is $14.00 per month. Credit card rate with this plan is 2.9% plus 30 cents. There is a 2% transaction fee if you decide to use a third party gateway instead of Shopify Payments. With the Starter plan, you have a product limit of 25 products. You have 1 gigabyte (GB) of storage and unlimited bandwidth. You will also receive chat and email support if needed with this plan. This is one of the plans to get you over the hurdle and start selling your products or services online. However, it lacks few things to make this viable option for you the beginning entrepreneur. You will not have the capability to edit any of your HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that relates to the web design of your store. You will not have reports that help you monitor the progress of your store. It also lacks a discount code engine.

Therefore, you will be unable to take advantage of offering special promotion that requires discount codes. It lacks the capability of offering gift cards, and you will not have real-time carrier shipping. Abandon Cart Recovery feature is a feature not found in this plan. The Starter plan benefits the entrepreneur who has a few products and does not want to pay too much to get their store online. If you need to test the market with a new product, this would be the ideal plan for you.

Basic Plan

Basic plan is $29.00 per month. The credit card rate for the Basic plan is 2.9% plus 30 cents when conducting business online. If you in conducting business in person the credit card rate is 2.7% only. You can now upload as many products as you like, because there is no limit on the number of products you can sell.

There is still a 1 GB storage limit for the Basic plan. Shopify POS is now available to use if you have physical location and there is need for it. The discount engine is another feature that owners can make great use of gaining new customers and retaining their existing audience.

You also get 24/7 support. This plan is very big step up from the Starter plan, but it slips and stumbles without including reports and the abandon cart recovery features. You need reports to know what is working for your store or is not. You would not have any transactions fees only if you use Shopify Payments as your payment gateway. With the use of a third party payment gateway, there is a 1% transaction fee for the Basic Plan.

Professional Plan

Professional plan is $79.00 per month. The credit card rate for online transaction would be 2.6% plus 30 cents. The credit card rate in person is 2.4% only. The Professional plan allows you the use of features such as gift cards, reports, and the abandon cart recovery feature. The use of fraud analysis tools in this plan helps deter fraudulent orders. Like in the Basic plan, you will have no limit on the amount of products you can list in your store.

You have 5GB of storage that comes in handy as your business grows and you start adding more files due to business growth. This one of more popular plans for Shopify. You have a cheaper credit card rate. The gift cards options allow you attract customers. The discount engine is another reason that makes the Professional plan popular. The Professional plans benefits a business expecting rapid growth and have many products to offer to its audience.

Unlimited Plan

Unlimited plan at $179.00 per month offers you a credit card rate 2.4% plus 30 cents for transactions online and 2.2% only if the credit card transaction is in person. Your credit card rate is less than previous plans’ Shopify offers. You will have unlimited storage along with 24/7 support. Your also gain the use of advanced report builder feature.

The real-time carrier shipping helps, because it saves you time as it calculates shipping rates automatically when customers places their orders. You really get all the bells and whistles with this plan; unfortunately, you really must be established or have deep pockets from the start to foot the monthly price tag.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is for the high-volume online entities. The pricing will vary from business to business. Your organization gets a dedicated account manager ready to help you in any way possible to succeed. You also have dedicated priority support. You know your questions can get answers immediately with a phone call or email.

The use of a custom SSL certificate helps promote trust and branding with your customers. Advanced Application Program Interface (API) is another way that Shopify Plus helps your business. There are times when functions by your business may require some integration with an app and the use of API makes integration possible. Once you approach the size of a Google or the Los Angeles Lakers, organizations that uses Shopify Plus, you should consider Shopify Plus as an option.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Pros

Shopify offers nearly everything under one umbrella. You will be able to have an online store, capability of processing credit cards in a physical location with the use of Shopify POS. Shopify offers its’ own payment gateway with Shopify Payments. With other shopping cart software, you are unable to process payments in person. You usually do not have the option of offering their own payment gateway. You simplify many business processes by using Shopify for your ecommerce needs.

The ease of use of Shopify’s shopping cart makes the software user-friendly. I found the online store easy to navigate. Using a 14-day free trial offered by Shopify, I was able to easily change themes.  I added single product to store and it only took a few minutes. You can easily find information with the support offered. You will face many difficult task in business; however, learning to use your ecommerce software should not be one of them.

Apps you found in Shopify’s App store will easily add or enhance business functions. There are apps for marketing, inventory, and many more business functions. Shopify’s app store promotes scalability of business. Business growth happens and your performance should not suffer, because your ecommerce software limits how big you can get or how fast growth occurs. Therefore, the use of apps gives businesses opportunity to improve certain aspects of the software when upgrading to the next pricing plan is not viable for business. The apps store helps you be more flexible when coming up with business solutions.

Shopify offers many free and premium themes for your online store. A good attractive site helps gain the trust of your online visitors. Premium themes can run upwards of $180.00. The themes are responsive; therefore, your online store can look good on a tablet or cellphone. Google finds responsive websites favorable; therefore, the responsive themes help improve search engine ranking.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Cons

There are transaction fees when using a third-party payment gateway instead of using Shopify Payments. Transaction fees cuts into your business bottom line and this could be make or break for an entrepreneur trying to establish an online presence.

Pricing for the overall use of Shopify can really put a dent in the purse or wallet. In some cases, an app’s use requires a monthly subscription, and the subscription may not be cheap. Plans like the starter or basic have fewer features than the more expensive pricing plans, may need apps to add functions to compete with other online stores. Therefore, monthly subscription fees are unavoidable.

Customization of Shopify’s themes may require you to learn coding language called Liquid. You can opt to pay an expert designer to take care of it for you. I know learning new coding language only specific to Shopify may not be high on few entrepreneurs to-do list. Your focus definitely should be on ways to improve your business and not tackling a computer language to improve your theme.


Shopify Shopping Cart Review Features and Benefits of Features

Shopify shopping cart software has many features and list not an extensive list, but it does show some of the features that helps your online business thrive. You can learn more about Shopify’s many features with Shopify’s 14-day free trial.

FeaturesBenefits of FeaturesStarterBasicProfessionalUnlimitedShopify Plus
Responsive store themesYour storefront will still be seen in manner that is appealing for platforms such as a tablet or cellphoneIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
70 Payment Gateways and Shopify PaymentsProvide variety of ways entrepreneurs can process credit card paymentsIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
App StoreAllows integration and provide or enhance functions of the shopping cart softwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
Abandon Cart Recovery ToolHelps you get revenue by marketing to potential customers who left items in cartIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
Advanced ReportingProvides and overview of stats for your store can be used to find out what plan works for the company and what does notIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
Shopify POSFor brick and motar business allows them to accept credit cards in a physical locationIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
Discount EngineUsed in marketing strategy to attract customersIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
Level 1 PCI DSS compliant SecurityEnsures customers sensitive information is secure. It promotes trust between customer and online storeIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
Gift CardsGood for promotions and marketing and can help build customer loyaltyIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
A blogging PlatformHelps you interact with customers and a blog is great way to get seen in search engine resultsIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software
Real Time Carrier ShippingShipping cost is calculated automatically and it ensures better accuracy and minimizes lossesIncluded Feature for Ecommerce SoftwareIncluded Feature for Ecommerce Software

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Payment Gateways

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Payment Gateways

Shopify has Shopify Payments that ensures you do not have to use a third-party payment gateway as an option. By using Shopify Payments, you avoid those pesky transaction fees mentioned in the Cons section of this shopping cart review. However, Shopify Payments are not the only option. There are over 70 payment gateways compatible with the Shopify shopping cart software. You have many options, but the option that does not conclude with using Shopify payments will mean transaction fees in your future.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Ease of Use

You will find that Shopify’s ecommerce software is a breeze to use. In the video below, I used the shopping cart software, to change the store’s theme and add a product to the online store. In a matter of a few clicks, the new theme was up and running. Adding a product, it took a few minutes. You can only imagine using the Excel or CVS to bulk upload a list of items to your online store. Shopify provides great menus for its administrative control panel. Therefore, maintenance of your store should not be too difficult.

Shopping Cart Review Web Design

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Web Design

Shopify offers some themes that truly helps attract the customers. You have a choice of using free or paid themes. In my 14-day free trial of Shopify, I found that most expensive theme was $180.00. You cannot go wrong with a free theme, because the appearance did not look bad. Themes are responsive; therefore, your site will look good on almost any platform such as a tablet.

You can hire experts to design your online store if you do not find anything in Shopify’s Theme store you like. Price ranges for hiring an expert designer are $100 to over $10,000. You can try to customize your theme yourself and in some cases that may mean learning Liquid, a coding language created specifically for Shopify themes.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Apps Store

Shopify Shopping-Cart-Review-App-Store

Through the integration of apps with your store, it helps add or improve the store’s functionality. There are apps for marketing, inventory management, social engagement, and much more. There are endless capabilities to how you could improve your online business by adding an app.

Shopify have many apps in their store. Some apps are free and other cost a monthly subscriptions. The monthly subscriptions could be costly, but required to compensate for features not available at lower pricing plans.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Customer Service and Technical Support

There is 24/7 phone support. You can also reach support via e-mail and live chat. There is a forum that you can find answers to questions you may have. Shopify Ecommerce University provides guides to help you better understand how to complete tasks. For example, you may need to learn how to improve Search Engine Optimization for your online store, you may be able to find guide in the Ecommerce University to help you. There are experts for hire. Shopify’s support portal has popular questions listed and that immediately makes it little easier to find solutions to your problems. You can always use your search box to check out what information is available to help you answer any questions.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Marketing tools

Most themes use search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to your store. As your online store grows, the software generates sitemaps to help improve ranking in search engines. With the capability to submit your products to Google Shopping, your products attract more customers. With the use of Google AdWords’ credit, you can also ensure customers who search for the type of products or services your online store offers does not miss your products. For the Professional and Unlimited pricing plan, the abandon checkout recovery tool helps with marketing. When your customers abandon a shopping cart, you could send an email to remind them, they have items left in the shopping cart.

A good email could lead to the potential customer completing a purchase. Your store makes a sell that could have been loss without the use of the abandon checkout recovery feature. For pricing plans that does not have the abandon cart recovery feature, apps can provide similar functionality.

Apps improve marketing especially when you are on a pricing plan that limited functions regarding marketing. For example, an app called Coupon Pop show your potential customers discount via a pop up window. Apps nearly a necessity when buying into a more expensive pricing plan is not an option.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Reports

Shopping Cart Review Reports

Shopify only offer reports at the Professional Plan or higher; however, for the lower pricing plans, apps are available to provide much-needed function of having reports. Product sales, Order sales, Payments, Taxes, and Insight are categories for various reports used. Your store can only be effective if you monitoring what you are doing.

Not having reports available for lower pricing plans, it is a stumbling block by Shopify. You need reports to help entrepreneurs understand how to better optimize their online business. App integration helps, but Shopify’s shopping cart software needs to overhaul the lower plans to provide its’ customers the best chance to succeed by adding few reports.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Security

Your Shopify online store can provide the best service or products online, but the security of your store keeps customers happy, and it builds trust. Shopify uses shared Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for all its’ stores. SSL certificate uses 256-bit encryption that helps secure sensitive information such as your credit card information.

With Shopify Plus plan, you can purchase a dedicated SSL certificate. A dedicated SSL certificate allows a store’s domain name to appear instead of the Shopify’s domain name that appears when using the shared SSL. The dedicated SSL certificate helps branding. Both shared and dedicated SSL certificates keep a page such as the checkout page safe and secure.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance ensures store complies with requirements set by PCI Data Security Standard (PCI SS). Therefore, any store or organization that transmits, stores, and accept credit cards must comply with PCI SS’s requirements to keep credit card information safe.

Shopify has a Level 1 PCI compliance. The Level 1 means Shopify processes over 6 million Visa and /or MasterCard transactions. Level 1 also means stricter requirements for Shopify to maintain PCI compliant, and it ensures you can trust the security used when your customers conduct credit card transactions.

Shopify Shopping Cart Review Conclusion

Shopify’s shopping cart software is more than adequate to start an online store. Its ease of use makes starting an online store nearly worry-free. You can focus on growing your business and not trying to learn some difficulty software. The Starter and Basic plans definitely need more features especially in regards to reports. The Starter Plan needs to be added to pages that show the pricing plans available. If you are offering the plan why not make it clear to the potential customer by showing the Starter Plan along with the other pricing plans.

The app store is a great help when you need to add or enhance the functionality of the store. You would need to integrate apps with your store if you opt for a lower pricing plan. You should be well aware that some of the apps’ monthly subscriptions are not cheap.

Shopify offers you an ecommerce solution for your brick and mortar business as well as online. Many of the well- known shopping cart software solutions cannot compete with such a feature as Shopify POS. Shopify POS makes it possible for you to conduct business in your physical store. By being the only point of sale, and ecommerce software for your business, you no longer have to worry about a need for two different software solutions to run your online business and physical store.

With the use of Shopify Payments, you do not have to worry about transaction fees. However, many entrepreneurs who transitions over to using Shopify may want to keep the relationship of their payment gateway they have used for x amount of years. It means they would have to pay a transaction fee for using a third party payment gateway. I know it is business decision to use transaction fees to make their Shopify Payments a more attractive option; however, transaction fees are always a no-no in my book and any struggling entrepreneur that wants to get ahead sooner than later.

Shopify’s support made it easy to find information when needed. There 24/7 support helps. You have the option of using telephone, live chat or email to contact Shopify when a problem occurs. If you are looking to start an online business or think it is time to change your existing shopping cart software, you may consider Shopify as an option. The Professional plan or higher offers the better value of the pricing plans. Starter and Basic plan will get you started. However, you will take on more cost by using these plans, as you will need apps to help you gain features missing in these plans.

With any review, it is an opinion to help you make an informed decision. I recommend using the Shopify software. However, you may want to see for yourself how well Shopify works. Therefore, you should take advantage of the Shopify Shopping Cart Software – Start your FREE trial today! You can see if the Shopify shopping cart software is for your online business or not.