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Happy Heavenly Birthday Mother

Mother, I wish you Heavenly Happy Birthday. Family and friends will celebrate your life today and remember just how you influenced their life. I love you mother and today on what would be your 68th birthday, I let you know you are still loved and deeply missed.

Mom your most endearing feature that I will never forget about you was your kind heart. You always seem to find a way to let your kind heart rule the day no matter the situation. You took many things in stride and you always seem to be able to say the right things at the right moment to make someone days a lot better. I know because there were many days you did that for me.

Mom, thank you for being the person who was kind beyond the words used to describe you. Only say, continue to watch down from heaven, and know family and friends love you and will always celebrate your life by saying Happy Birthday.

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Happy Mother’s Day: I Love and Miss You Mom

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day and definitely want to take the time to say Happy Mother’s Day to the first 6446 I will ever remember, my mother Barbara Miller. You were always a loving mom who touched those around you. You were mom to four kids but actually if you count the cousins, other young ones that knew you, your motherly instincts touched them as well.

I know as you have watched down from heaven, you know that they have been few additions to your family tree that I wish they had the pleasure of meeting you. Your great granddaughter Zynique is always smiling. She definitely would make you smile as you would do same for her. Mom, I know as you have already seen, you have another granddaughter. She cute as you wants to be and her name is Jenaye. You definitely would love Jenaye because she always taking in her surroundings trying to learn as much as possible. She does not blink much, because she does not want to miss anything. Jenaye definitely would not want miss a moment with you, because you would show her a thing or two.

Mom, your youngest grandson Devin is very smart child. He would amaze you with what he can do with his IPad and just listening to him talk. He would enjoy talking with you and knowing that he is loved. Al-Tariq is growing up and is tall as ever. He is making A’s and B’s in school. You definitely would be a proud grandmother. Ashaun and Big Ben are growing up to be great young men. You are there watching over them going forward as only great mother and grandmother would do.

Mom your oldest grandson Anthony, Jr. or BT (Big Time), he just turned 20 years old. Yes, a young man finding his place in the world. Mom, I know you will continue to watch over him as he realizes the journey of life is difficult, but it do help when you are surrounded by love ones. He was your first grandbaby and he felt warmth and love you shared with everyone. Daquan is a junior in high school , and he is a pretty smart kid. I am sure if you were here, you would give him more advice how to be the best person possible. DeAnthony is smooth young gentleman. It is really never a dull moment when he is around. Mom you would definitely have interesting moments being around DeAnthony.
Mom, I know you watched as you saw Neet, get married, Reggie make moves in becoming best entertainer, Malik grow into a strong young gentlemen and Dontre joined the Navy. You have touched a lot of young men and women in so many ways. Mom your loving reach is vast.

Shauntina, your oldest granddaughter is going to school and dancing. Above all, she is a great mom to little Zy. I do know she would benefit from your love and wisdom. Please continue to watch over her going forward. Shaquille is quite tall, but that is only one part of Quan as we all call him. Quan is an upcoming writer that finds many different ways to move an audience with his words. Mom, I know you would inspire him to be great and write great work.


Mom, you are loved and missed not only this Mother’s Day but every day. You are missed by Relonda, Anthony, Gemayel, and me. I laughed with you almost every day. You continue to be unforgettable because of those things you have done. Wish you were here, so I could share the laughs with you, the wisdom that you always seem give and above all to express how much I love you, my mother.